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It was good to be home. Remember be real good to be home. But at the same time it was everything was kind of different. It felt weird. You know, I got people ask me all kinds of questions about what was it like out there, and then I tell them a story and they would. They look at me funny because I told them what happened. I told him story. Like if I told anybody else that I was driving buying, solve, lay out in the middle of the road. The average person does not want to hear that they look at you. Funny. And if you say something and I know some people deal with this terrifying shit with humor, you know, like they'll be laughing. I've had a lot of dudes. I saw to do mode and half and half of them fell over here. And then something funny happened with the. He kept running. His legs kept running and they're fuck cracking up. You know, that's funny for me sometimes, but that's not funny for Janice, the freaking school attendant, you know, she doesn't. Want to hear that she thinks you crazy, and as the war dragged on into two thousand and five. The insurgency started in artist members of the military and citizenry alike would have to begin to come to terms with the new normal, which included perpetual war and all of its trappings. We learned not to ask too many questions veterans as much because we didn't want to hear as because we didn't want to make them tell when he enlisted Lewis decided to change units. He wasn't trying to avoid deployment. He was really just trying to introduce normalcy into his time at home, driving for a battery meant that even when you were home, you spent a lot of time in the field training for weeks to perfectly execute the coordination. It took to fire that howitzer. He eventually landed a logistics oriented job for his next appointment. The work would be marginally safer, but more important when his deployment was over, he could look forward to sleeping at home every night rather than field somewhere. Once Louis arrived in post insurgency Iraq, though he would gain an insight into the casualties of war that would change him forever and cement his decision to end his military career. I've been Dollar Shave Club member for a couple years. Now. I got the executive razor, which was a lot more raising than I needed because I don't have to shave every day, but it has his trimmer edge on top that makes it a little easier to get in under. By knows for me though the best part was that I never had a treat myself to a sharp razor clean shave. That just became part of the way I lived. Plus it was cool knowing they're always another blade available and that there were more on the way I didn't have to remember to go get one, which is great because there aren't any worse chores to be going to the store after a couple of months. My wife wanted a subscription as well. She gets twin blades every other month because that's an option available for people who don't burn through razors really quickly more recently this along a couple of sample sizes of their other products. In addition to razors Dollar Shave Club has shave butter, shampoo, body, wash, toothpaste, everything. You need to look smell and feel your best after trying their lavender body wash. I switched and added. To my subscription. It isn't heavier, perfumey just clean. I was convinced because negated the YMCA chlorine smell that lingers on my skin after my workout. The best part for me though is once you find the products you like you can just get them. I always feel a little stupid standing in so bio trying to find the one thing that I always use dollarshaveclub sends me as much as I need when I needed. They're always the products I already know like, so there's no confusion or running out. You don't have to sit foot in store wandering, the aisles hunting for more razors shampoo, body wash toothpaste. None of it test drive everything they have. You're definitely going to find something that you like, and here's a great way to try a bunch of dollarshaveclub products for just five bucks. You can get their daily essential starter kit. It comes with body cleanser, one white Charlie's. They're amazing, but wives, their famous shave butter and their best razor. The six played executive, keep the blades coming for a few bucks more a month and add shampoo. Toothpaste or anything else you need check it all out at dollarshaveclub dot com. Slash this war. That's dollarshaveclub dot com. Slash this is war. lots of reasons. People stay in the military for twenty years and twice as many for people who leave after four, but to reenlist, especially during wartime only to leave after a second four years as marine is a little less common and soften tied to pretty specific circumstances. Lewis joined hoping to acquire trade. Then he stayed as much because he couldn't imagine rejoining civilian life has because it was a predictability to service, but even as he reenlisted the grey areas, the unknowns of deployment, the separation from his family, his responsibility to them as well as his country and his comrades, and the conflict in the places where these two commitments crossed began to wear on him. When I left my, my wife at the time was like three months, three months pregnant, and I would just be back and forth from the phone center there because they had phone center stab at that time, just kind of weights, checking to see the my wife. Make it to the hospital yet. Oh, she's in the hospital while she's going into labor. And I was just kind of calling back and forth. And Finally, I called at like the minute one minute before my son was born. So I'm on the phone talking to my mom who's in air force base up in Fairfield, California while my sons being born. But I'm in Iraq like listening to little baby crying. I can't be there. You know, not that I could do. I found out many years down the road that it doesn't matter if I'm there, not really. You know your wife's going to do what she's going to do to have the baby. I felt powerless at the time because. I don't get to hold my kid. I don't know what he looks like. There wasn't a cellphone, wasn't Instagram, Snapchat and shit like that. So I- member getting off the phone and I went to bed the whole game change. Now. I have a kid. You know, I have a kid. People are dying over here still. I'm like, man, I have to get out of the military. It was the last straw for Louis, but not just because he was a father after all. He had known. He was going to be a father when he left. The thing was during the first part of this safe deployment. He had seen something that brought into strong relief the real and far-reaching dangers that are wrapped up in everything from kicking in a door on patrol to taking a helicopter home. We knew that there was there was supposed to be to see h fifty three helicopters coming in, and it was pretty like in the middle of the night kind of flight because most of the travel that they wanted to do around. There was at nighttime because these guys, they'll, they'll shoot rockets out you and all the sudden we see one of them coming in and it's coming in dip in. It's all fucked up. We're like, what is going on that pilot? And it landed kind of hard. And I remember like some guy came flying out of that helicopter and grabbed that pilot up and just slammed him up against the side of the freakin helicopter juice or some shit going on over here because that second helicopter we heard initially that it came under fire and it got hit and it crash, maybe you know, fifteen or twenty miles out. So one of the helicopters that went down there, thirty marines in there that lost their lives and come to find out pretty sure it was just like a bad tailwind, but it wasn't the capriciousness of the deaths so much as the fact of them that stirred Lewis. He had seen violent death. He had been part of some of the most brutal. Parts of the invasion and had experienced the law said is part and parcel of being a marine. But when he went to recover the helicopter long after the bodies had been removed, the chew cost of the war was made clear to him. So that wants, his son was born. He couldn't in good conscience continue to serve healed too much elsewhere. I

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