A highlight from Navigating Get-Togethers with Relatives, Friends, and Their Kids


This is Janet lands furry. Welcome to unruffled. Today I'm going to be speaking to some of the common scenarios that parents share with me and that I've experienced myself with family gatherings. There's relatives, Friends, other children, even just people that you might see in the park, how do we handle children's behavior in these situations? And intervene with the adults as well. This is a big, big topic. There are a lot of variables. I wish I could cover everything and I'm not going to be able to. That's already frustrating me. But I'm going to do my best to talk about some of the most common issues. And how to respond to them effectively. First, I want to share a quick message from our sponsor, better help between kids, work, and all the other responsibilities in our lives, taking care of ourselves is often the last thing we think about, right? But there are times when ignoring our feelings and powering through or just stuffing a personal issue doesn't make sense. It doesn't solve anything and in fact it can be counterproductive. I've used an online therapist from time to time to help me sort through personal issues and my husband has too.

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