Bruce Thompson: Georgia Is the #1 Place in the Country to Do Business


Is the number one place in the country to do business. We're 9 years in a row. I mean, it is roaring our economy. But we have to be very careful about that. Because here's what's happening. In a lot of areas of the state, big companies are coming in and we're grateful they're coming. So I don't want any of our listeners to think, I'm not great for that. But hear me for a second. Our state was built on the backs of the people that were here that were mom and pop businesses that grew to be maybe just remember Chick-fil-A started with one little restaurant. Yep, gorf house. That's right. And there are a lot of those businesses out there that are 300 people or less. And when large companies come in that are driven by stockholders, they're requirement is get the people to work. And if they can't get it organically, they're going to start cherry picking or hiring away the team members of those companies. And we're already seeing that, you can afford in your budget to be able to pay, say, 60 grand a year, and they come in and they offer them an 80 and 90 and a 100,000 and you can't blame them for leaving. And those companies will wind up perishing. And now you have a whole nother displacement of a workforce.

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