Pastor Greg Locke Anticipates Another Revival


Back. I'm talking to my friend pastor Greg Locke. He is the founding and lead pastor of global vision Bible church in mount Juliet, Tennessee, right outside Nashville author of a number of books. You know, Greg, what I always say to my buddy Ken fish. It's like part of the frustration is there is so much of this and so few who are trained in dealing with it. Which is why I'm glad you're doing this every single week in your church because there is so there are so many people suffering from this and I really believe this is an end time move of God that we're going to see people coming to faith as a result of this kind of ministry. Oh, absolutely. You and I both, you know, we share a love for revival history, right? And so it's not that God didn't do amazing things in the past. But if you look at every single revival in the past, you look at the Welsh revival, azusa street browns will first and second great awakening the hebrides revival, you know, Jeremiah Calvin landfire survival. All of them had a limitation because when deliverance started to break out, it was shut down. It's exactly what happened with the Jesus revolution with the whole Time Magazine thing. Whenever deliverance got to a place where it started making people uncomfortable, it was shut down. And I think that we are right now in the prophetic film and of the book of Joel in the last days, God will provide a spirit upon all flesh or what does that look like in the last days whosoever should call upon the name of the lord shall be delivered. And people are like, well, you know, deliverance ministry is not in the Bible. In the model prayer Jesus said deliver us from evil. And so it's all over the Bible. There are 286 verses in Matthew Martin Luke and John, where Jesus converses with and cast out demons. It's a third of his ministry. And then the disciples and then the 70 and then you and I Mark 16. Paul, Stephen, Philip, it's all in the Bible.

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