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Extremist group founders Stuart roads and another member Kelly meggs both convicted this evening of seditious conspiracy in a major January 6th related case. They are accused of plotting to unleash political violence to prevent the inauguration of President Biden leading to the January 6th capitol riot, a jury of 12 D.C. residents discussed the case for three days. One of Rhodes lawyers, James Lee bright is expressing disappointment tonight. There is, in my belief, a likelihood that had just been tried into different jurisdiction, the results could have substantively been different. The indictment brought against roads and other oath keepers members is the first time the federal government used the rare charge of seditious conspiracy in the massive investigation. The Senate tonight has passed a bill to protect same sex and interracial marriage with a dozen Republicans joining Democrats to approve the historic legislation. Mitchell Miller is on Capitol Hill. The vote was a personal one for Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer, whose daughter is married to another woman. The bill we are passing today will ensure their rights won't be trampled upon simply because they're in the same sex marriage. The legislation was prompted by a concurring opinion from Supreme Court Justice clarence Thomas that overturned roe versus wade in which he suggested same sex marriage protections should be reviewed. Utah Republican Mike Lee says supporters of the bill have exaggerated the threat to same sex marriage. My colleagues have yet to offer. Even a single example of a same sex marriage threatened by state legislation, not one. The house must also pass the legislation before it can become law. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, WTO, news. A huge night for U.S. soccer fans after the team beat out Iran in the World Cup today, it was a one zero victory in the do

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