Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders Vying for a VP Ticket?


There's a new CNN poll out there that says well over 70% of you thought the president did a good job last night. Over 40% of Republicans said that the president did a good job as well. What was your take? How do you think Sarah Huckabee Sanders did with the Republican rebuttal? I thought she bottled pretty darn well. And that's always a hard speech. And go back to Marco Rubio with the glass of water, where he was chugging water, remember that tobacco, and then you had Bobby jindal, the governor of Louisiana, he was supposed to be the next darling of the Republicans, and the guy sped red through the entire speed. Nobody could understand what the guy was saying. He was talking so fast. But I thought Sarah Huckabee Sanders did a fine job. She really did illustrate the point that the Republican Party is the party of the future. She is the youngest governor in America. 40 years old. President Biden by comparison is 80 years old. It was a rather striking comparison. So I'm curious to get your take on Biden and Sanders. Part of me wondered if Sanders was maybe maybe running for a vice presidential slot. On a Trump ticket. Could be, but I don't think so. 8

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