Luke Fickell & Hugh Freeze find new jobs, reacting to the latest College Football Playoff rankings & where does Coach Prime end up?


Football playoff was announced last night. At least the final 6 rankings going into next week. So who does fritzy get for us? In my opinion, the best college football writer that's out there, huge fan of Andy Staples. He covers college football for the athletic, of course. Andy, thank you so much for coming on the show. Now I know you played college football at Florida who have any epic epic shot to the nut stories, either personally or from a teammate, play is a relative term. I was a human tackling dummy, but I will say like playing, I was an offensive lineman like you playing along the line, you don't get as many of those. Like you get the occasional sack tap, stuff happens in piles, but you don't get the high-speed collision down there. Like that, that story he just told, like hockey players are built different.

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