A highlight from TFLW 2022 NASCAR Off Season News

The Final Lap


Hey guys, it's Kerry from the final lap weekly, and Toby, of course, is enjoying his time off as MI during the off season. Wait a minute. Well, maybe he's actually enjoying it more than I am because he actually has this week off and I'm here still talking. Wait a minute, that's not fair. Why does he get the time? Why do I? Whatever. Anyway, I actually enjoy doing this, so I'm gonna go ahead. We're gonna do a kind of a news and nuggets and notes kind of show for this week and then next week Tobey and I will be back and we'll be talking about champions week going on in Nashville right now probably if you're listening to this. So let's get into some of the news of the week or weeks and hope you enjoy. This is the final lap weekly. Featuring the final app radio show. A report from the sports business journal has the RTA or race team alliance, the group of NASCAR charter holding teams, looking into their own exhibition events. The possibility of NASCAR's biggest teams organizing their own off season racing raises an eyebrow at the very least. According to the report they have asked the wasserman media group a sports marketing agency to explore these opportunities. Further, the report says that these teams are going down this road because they are struggling to turn a profit with the current business model of NASCAR. Teams holding charters in the sport are of course bound by their contract with the sanctioning body to not create competing racing series. However, that expires after the 2024 season. As long

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