Lula da Silva Slams Far-Right as Brazil Clears Protest Camps


I'm continuing my discussion of the turmoil in Brazil. It's a little hard to say where this is going. It seems that institutionally Lula da Silva has the support of the courts, and I say that because the courts have been a very dismissive of claims of election fraud, a B have actually apparently been complicit in social media censorship in Brazil. This is the topic I want to talk about in more detail. I'll probably pick it up tomorrow. Twitter, for example, has been a major instrument of censorship for the, this is of course before the Elon Musk take over of the Bolsonaro people in Brazil. So the court is on Lula's side, but the army and the military and apparently some of the police are on Bolsonaro's side. Now the police were out in force, apparently intercepting a lot of the protesters. And of course, they did the protesters did need to be evacuated from any government buildings, but there was also the police cracking down on protesters on the street. And so guess what happened, I'm actually looking at a video of this in social media. And that is that when the police began to deploy and force on the street to dispel the crowds, the army put tanks on the street to prevent the police from removing the protesters. So all of this suggests that there's still a volatile situation in Brazil and Lula da Silva has his hands full in dealing with it. Now, Bolsonaro interestingly is in Florida. And apparently a bunch of left wing Democrats would think I'm thinking here of AOC, Ilhan Omar, Joaquin Castro. They're like, we have to extradite them. We have to send them back to Brazil. Well, first of all, Bolsonaro is not under accusation. He didn't call for these protests. In fact, as far as I can tell, he has been relatively quiet and in a sense accepting of the election outcome. I said that because what is Bolsonaro do? He basically backs up and goes to Florida.

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