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AP sports, I'm sure Freeman, the Los Angeles Lakers could be without LeBron James for several weeks, James has suffered a foot injury with more test results pending. A huge loss for the Charlotte hornets, lamella ball broke his ankle, while injured himself on a non contact play, he had 18 points on 6 three pointers in Charlotte's one 17 one O 6 weight over Detroit. Jimmy Butler took over in the final minute and a half to help lead Miami to a one O one 99 win at Philadelphia. We got some stocks, got out in transition. In Juan, no matter how we do it, we got one on the road. Here in Philly, and that's all we want. James Harden had a chance to win the game for the sixers, but his three pointer at the buzzer bounced out. New York over Boston one O 9 94 and Orlando beat New Orleans one O one 93. Jimmy haslam from the NFL's Cleveland Browns is now in the NBA as well. He has purchased 25% stake in the Milwaukee Bucks from bucks co owner, Marc lasry. In the NHL, Colorado best at Las Vegas for nothing that's a 6th straight win for the ebbs and right wing mikko rantanen. I think the defensive habits we have been we've been really, really good at those better than we were before, you know, and even if we're not playing that great overall, we're just still defending hard. Vancouver top Dallas 5 four and overtime, Anaheim for Chicago two, Ottawa beats Detroit 6 to two Boston overcame two goals from high scoring Conor McDavid to win their 7th in a row. Grew in Nick foligno, says giving up to two on contested goals to McDavid as a reminder, the bruins aren't perfect. Don't get me wrong. Guys, best player in the world, obviously. But, you know, you give them a couple, right? And I think in our game, if we can limit those, we just become a more dangerous team. And I think that's something that we can work towards and just understanding how crucial those little moments are and not giving teams momentum. Barry traps will be the new GM in Nashville. He takes over the summer for the retiring David poyle. NFL quarterback Carson Wentz has been released after one season with Washington, college basketball, 7th ranked Baylor by 6 over Oklahoma state. Check Freeman. AP sports.

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