When Did Education Devolve? Michael Gibson Weighs In


Talking to the polymathic. Michael Gibson, the book is paper belt on fire, how renegade investors spark to revolt against the university. You were just saying Michael about, you know, in some ways we come at the end of the enlightenment. It really hit home for me already in the 90s when Bill Clinton was saying, we've got to get computer or a laptop in every classroom for every kid. And I thought to myself, where do you get the idea that a dead tool is going to give people wisdom and whatever you really reduced education to something far, far, far removed from what it once was. Education is supposed to teach us about how do I become a better person? How do I learn about the amazing universe? It was impossible at some point to divorce that from the question of God and the question of who we are. But things had devolved already to that point where it's all technocratic stuff and we just needed information. We just need to get laptops in the hands of the kids in the ghetto and that will solve their problems and you think it's a really myopic view of humanity and our problems, but that's kind of where we are. That's kind of where the tech stuff takes us. It removes us from the question of what it means to be human, which to me was always at the center of what it is to be educated. Yeah, I think that is a great illustration of this contradiction at the end of the enlightenment where we just see students now as these passive consumers of things that the teachers of the school are supposed to just shove into their minds and they must accept. Fauci is like the arch priest of the post the end of the enlightenment. Don't think for yourself, I am the science. If Emmanuel Kant or whoever heard that, the Royal Society's motto is take no one's word for it. Nullius and verba. So it's beyond me that science has become this that we must obey the authority. Well, let's call it what it is. Science is anti science.

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