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Laughlin aunt Becky and Becky from full house and Felicity Huffman sprint house, denser, how real housewives, but desperate housewives. Yes. They paid this person who to have to get their kids into good schools. So like Lori paid five hundred thousand dollars to get their kids into USC. And so this guy, I should know his name, do, you know, his name? I think it's Bill Bill. All right, something he pretended that it was a charity. So not only did they like fake. So what this guy would do is like find somebody to change their SAT scores and stuff like that. So that their kids could get into great schools. Not only fake SAT scores. But for instance, in Laurie Laughlin case her daughter's got into one of her daughter's got into USC on like on account of rowing. They claim that she was a great rower girls never road before and our life, and they got her on the crew team, and they literally took photos of her on like an exercise rowing machine at like equinoxes and submitted those photos now see, you know, more than ideal weight that is amazing Dory. Get so much worse in a so much more messed up than you think. Because apparently the FBI was onto the sky over a year ago. They

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