Va Tech's Ty Outlaw to Play in Sweet 16 vs. Duke After Passing Drug Test


Here force Virginia Tech intends to play senior Guotai outlaw has been charged with marijuana possession against Duke and ENC tournament Friday unless little headline on their hokies coach buzz Williams announced in a statement that outlaw took a drug test before the team left campus on Wednesday, brick Sweet Sixteen showed in Washington DC on Friday, the test came back negative, prompting Williams and athletic director without cop to allow them to play. Now when was the original wrestle outlaw was charged March twenty first the day after he and the hokies arrived in San Jose, California. That's when he was charged the twenty first. So let me get this straight again. That's neither here nor there. Let me let me get this straight. He goes out to California and get pinched for wheat, which he knows. He can't do it against the law and Virginia Tech season. So he plays in the games already. And then they come back to campus. Five days later twenty first twenty second twenty third twenty four twenty fifth. And then they test him. And he comes up negative for marijuana in assistant. Well, I've been around the block for a little bit. You know, maybe in my forties. But I did go to college. You know, I was a high school. Participants. There are stuff out there that can ask. Let's just say these marijuana tests will leave it at that. So if Regina attack was so diligent in what they were looking to do and make sure nothing was wrong. They don't test outlaw on the twenty first twenty second twenty third were twenty four but then test him on the twenty fifth. Now, what sense does that actually make? And let's back it up here. It's not because he's still chart. So it's gonna be, you know, corden fines, and whatever it would be unless the charges get dropped. Who knows? But if you are Virginia Tech, what does this say though, honestly like one of your players? You're starters. Got arrested. While you were out on the west coast came home. And you tested him for Weeden came up. Nothing in his system. Scratch my head a little bit on this one. What what was the outcome that we were looking for here? So he had the weed on them. But it's not his we'd he was going to give it to somebody else. I. I don't know. I don't look on. And look if you're betting Virginia Tech, if you won't Virginia Tech to beat Duke. It's fantastic. It's great. And you know, if I'm a head coach, and I'm a booster. I'm a fan of Virginia Tech. I love this outcome, Jack. Yeah. He minutes. Six six four, please. He's a three point shooter. We need all hands on deck to beat Duke. He's gonna play take the old, Bob. Bobby Bowden, Florida state approach dadgum it. We'll just have that boy run some steps. And that'll cure everything. I hear you on that. But this is what does the clean drug test have anything to do with him. Having weed on them though. Allegedly. What happens if he's selling wheat? I don't know. We're just didn't get a chance to smoke. It yet. The fact that he was caught with it. Charged with it. What does having? No, we'd in your system even have to do with this. So if you crack cocaine to high school, it was in your pocket who knows what you were going to do with it sell it smoke, it give it to your best friend, you get caught and charged. You can't play that Friday night football game because it's on Friday. But then they just test you for crack in your system. And if you don't have any it's all good and you can play. What did I miss? I'm going to get it doesn't make any difference to me of outlaw plays or doesn't play tonight for Virginia Tech. And none. But I don't understand the concept of well. We tested in for weed, and it wasn't an assist them. So we're good come on man that test the guy could just said, hey, we're going to let the court case, you know, take take its roundabout through the system, and when he gets done, and if these guilty or has to pay a fine or goes on probation or nothing happens will advise in will carry out some sort of thing, neck, Johnny. This is. Administered. Make sure if he's a. Check here. See his greatest. I think he's a senior. Because I know you had a lot of hard times there. Virginia Tech couple injuries and stuff. Let's see. He's a senior. So let me just play it off like that. You know what I mean? Coming back next year. He's gonna play it out, and we'll let the legal system, but the whole sham of hey, man. Look at us. We're doing the right thing. They got picture we but has no we'd in assistant. So it's all good. Stop man's stop. The mates is hearing set for

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