Shock as Eighth Grade wins best original screenplay at the WGA Awards

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This past weekend, the writers guild of America announced its winners for the best screenplays of the last year and WGN voters ordered best original screenplay to a movie that wasn't even nominated for an Oscar Bo Burnham's eighth grade. Claudia Puig is the president of the L A. A film critics association and she joined me in studio today to discuss the WG, prizes and other trophies handed up by Hollywood's big guilds, we started by talking about eighth grade. It's such a terrific script. And it was such an oversight that it wasn't. I dominated that. And many of us have been upset about it. So it was really great to see this get the love it deserves. And I it doesn't surprise me that it's the writers because the writers a are used to being overlooked. So no. So of course, they you know, they were trying to correct that wrong. And I also think there's, you know, comedies of always kind of gotten short shrift, and it's not really a comedy per se, but it has comic elements and then films that are about about tweens and teens are kind of overlooked. I mean, I was thinking about like the movie to hate you give which was at least as good as bohemian rhapsody or green book or some of the others do get nominee for best pitcher completely overlooked because it has the Waie taint. And I think that in this case, right? You know, you hear the title eighth grade. And you just assume that maybe she was improvising. You don't realize how tightly scripted it was by Bo Burnham talk with Bo Burnham about his lead. Actress Elsie Fisher about a year ago when the film premiered at the Sundance film festival. So there was a long rehearsal process, which was mostly for the script mostly just to make sure that it sounded right? And if things didn't sound, right. It was always the scripts fault. What I was trying to capture what she was in many ways. So to have the real thing there. It's just you know, just completely subjugate myself to it.

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