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Huge news yesterday, of course, Manny Machado ten year contract. Three hundred million dollars guaranteed. Opt out after five if he wants to take it with the San Diego Padres, which now leaves Bryce Harper. What happens with Bryce Harper? All of the news is about the Phillies. That's the only team that is the giants. The nats. Have the big offer on the table. It seems like it's a matter of win. Not if he signs with the Philadelphia Phillies baseball insider, Jeff passan on how the Machado deal impacts, Bryce. I think Bryce Harper almost sees himself in his own stratosphere. It's almost like Manny Machado was the the baseball man's player this off season. Whereas Bryce Harper is the businessman's, and that's not to say that Bryce Harper isn't a great baseball player himself. But the impact that he can have off the field in sponsorship in marketing in ticket sales in growing the game in whatever city that he's going to be in is truly valuable. And that's what Scott Boris his agent is banking on. I think ultimately when it's all said and done whether it's Philadelphia Washington San Francisco team, we may not even know about still Bryce Harper's probably going to end up with a higher number, but likely tenure do. And

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