Colorado man beat fiancé to death with bat, burned body: police


Two. On Colorado's morning news. The teller county man will stand trial in the disappearance and presumed murder of his fiancee KOA. Newsradio is Connor shreve is live with what happened in court yesterday. And where we go from here. Connor lots of testimony from investigators who interviewed the nurse who dumped Kelsey Berith cellphone, Idaho. She apparently told investigators she saw Patrick phrase a bag she thinks inclu-. Barrett's body and the bat she says phrase used to beat the mother of his young daughter to death. She apparently was in a relationship with Frasier. The nurse was in says he tried to get her to kill multiple times. But that she couldn't bring herself to do it. What she did do was cleanup Barrett's home where the alleged murder took place a scene. She described as horrific with bloodstains over the walls and floor and furniture and toys Frasier apparently told Kenny he wanted Berith dead because she was a bad mother to the couple's daughter next up a hearing four Patrick Swayze. That is now set for April

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