Conor McGregor arrested for allegedly smashing fan's phone


Conor McGregor the guy that the enemy fighter thirty years old. He got he was years in Miami Beach at the fountain blue at live nightclub, and he I guess he got into an altercation with somebody wanted to take his picture. Some dude you're you're in the public is gonna snap picture, but I guess he had been drinking. He's volatile dude. He's a very volatile. He's the winner. He like a chair hand truck through a bus of one of his competitors after a match. No, he's limit may fighter. He's got an listen MMA fighter. I'm you know, that's that's actually something. That'd be that'd be gets heard about it. I'd want to have that that anger management problem is that you need to do for your job. You think if somebody wanted to picture? They were a fan. Here's shut it off though. That's the whole thing. He's still thinks in the ring. So anyway, so somebody wants to have the picture grabbed the phone the guy's hand. And then stomped on it several times. He picked up the thousand dollar phone walked away with it. The fan was a twenty two year old by the name of Ahmed. And so anyway, so I guess he was arrested for that. And his quote was this patients in this world is a virtue. I continue to work on. I love my friends dearly.

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