The Dog That Won a California Mayoral Race by a Landslide


Com slash your brain on facts, of course, for the discerning listener who likes to get extra content, and of course, bumper stickers. If like me, you're tired and depressed by the current news cycle, and you're in the market for a new kind of candidate. Why not look outside your political party and outside your species while you're at it? Humans aren't the only ones who have become elected officials in Sunol, California. A town of eight hundred twenty eight residence just north of San Jose to residents signed up in nineteen eighty one to run for the position of honorary mayor which would allow them to represent souls interests and the elevated county meetings as the elections drew near the race. Screw bidder. Partly in jest resident Brad Lieber said that his black labrador Bosco could win the election. If Bosko's name was on the ballot people took Liebers words to heart. And since most of them knew and liked Bosco. They wrote his name in running as a Republican. Vasco won the election in a landslide. Reserve. Voting in international news, coverage the China People's daily cited the election as proof of the failure of American democracy. They clearly hadn't met Bosco for the next thirteen years. Mayor Bosco wandered the town during the day stopping in the tavern for some food when ill health caused him to be put down in nineteen ninety four the locals did not forget their unique elected official they erected. A bronze statue of the former mayor in front of the post office in two thousand eight where it still stands today and pub named in his honor opened the following year. Bosco has a lot of company Boston Curtis of Brown. Newell was offered as a candidate for Republican precinct seat in Milton Washington in nineteen thirty eight winning fifty one to zero in nineteen Ninety-seven a cat named Stubbs was elected mayor of till Keaton, Alaska, although his title is mayor was honorary. He was featured as a write in can. Candidate for the twenty fourteen Senate race for Alaska, sadly, stubs did not win in August. Twenty fourteen seven year old Duke, the dog, not the one from the baked bean commercial one in election, and the came the new mayor of cormorant Minnesota for five years a cat named sweet tart is presently serving her first term as mayor of a small town in Michigan. Kako Waco, a rhinoceros at the south hollow. Sue was a candidate for the nineteen fifty eight city council elections with the intention of protesting against political corruption. Electoral officials didn't appreciate correct whose candidacy, but she eventually won one hundred thousand votes more than any other party in that same election today, the term Votto, correct go is commonly used to describe protest votes in Brazil, kacoos candidacy inspired the rhinoceros party of Canada. Nominally led by the rhinocerous, Cornelius the first. Jio a bad temper chimpanzee was put forth by the fictional resilient banana party for mayor of Rio de Janeiro in nineteen eighty eight the campaign slogan vote monkey get monkey because people were tired of voting for a platform. And then seeing the elected official doing something different. There's no official counting of how many votes te'o got because all of the votes were voided. But it's estimated that he came in third with four hundred thousand votes. New Zealand's mcgillicuddy serious party entered a goat in a local election. But their attempt to have a hedgehog stand for parliament was unsuccessful. Katmandu a political cat served as joint leader of Britain's official Monster Raving Loony party from nineteen ninety nine to two thousand two along with his owner, howling laud hope. Hank? The cat a Maine Coon from northern Virginia. Ran against Tim Kaine George Allen for Virginia's Senate seat in two thousand

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