NFL: Le'veon Bell plans to join Jets for 4 years, $52.5M


There's former Steelers running back on bell. We learned late Tuesday night. When the news broke that he's planning to sign with the New York Jets deal is for four years, fifty two and a half million thirty five million guaranteed. According to a source. What's it all mean? ESPN analyst Damien Woody says, it means that bell gambled with his career. And he didn't beat the house. Well, listen, you know, the man held out for years. He lost. He lost a bedroom. There you gotta you gotta understand. He he walked waves mobile fourteen million dollars in the franchise peg last year picking that you know, what I'm going to preserve myself. And I'm gonna I'm gonna come out after the season and get even bigger deal and it comes out, but he got less than what the franchise tag or what the Steelers were often them. So from that aspect, he he lost on this one. I'm with you. And I mean Louis and our just joking. I mean, no one's gonna cry. The man, certainly he he's he's wealthy beyond reason. And yet I just wonder how how does that play? How does a guy who's been excellent one of the very best at his position. How does he process that when he bet big on himself you missed a year in your prime, you left fourteen on the table, and you're getting less than that on an average like how does that manifest itself in guys based on what you've seen through the years? What did you gotta be heard a little bit? Because you know, the way the way it looks like is like maybe his market wasn't as big or maybe that many teams were interested in signing on Bill big deal. So listen kudos to the jets have been able to get on to me the best all purpose back in the National Football League. At the price of the he'll be a tremendous asset for the New York Jets and Sam Donaldson Alford. So Bravo to them. Does it surprise you that that that that there were other teams willing to give it, and we understand that running backs the depreciation, and we understand the wear and tear. That's all understood. But I'm just a little bit surprised that there was not someone else for Belen his agent to work off of in terms of negotiating were you surprised? Actually, I wasn't surprised you gotta look at a few factors one. This is a guy that could possibly, you know, one incident away from know from a long-term suspension. You got that in his background the fact that he sat out a year. So when you and the fact that he plays running back. So when you combine all those factors. I don't think there was a team out. There is willing to blow to halt to pay one in back. That's twenty-seven-year-old. Then it he's a great running back. But I don't know who you know. I think he'd just miscalculated the marketing with people which people will come. Liane bell rushing for five thousand three hundred yards thirty five touchdowns, and he also has three hundred twelve catches for twenty six hundred yards and seven has a receiver over the course of his career. His one hundred twenty nine yards from scrimmage per game over his career best Mark in the

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