California death penalty moratorium met with praise and rage


Governor Newsom plans to sign an executive order today to put a moratorium on the death penalty in California as KCBS is Meghan. Gold's be tells us he plans to shutter the new never used execution chamber. That's located at San Quentin. We haven't executed someone in the state of California since Arnold Schwarzenegger was the governor in two thousand six but says UC Hastings law. Professor Rory little there were twenty five people who are ready for execution that is all their appeals and administrative efforts have failed. So at some point. We would have begun executing were it not for the governor's action plans to sign an executive order, which doesn't change the sentences of the seven hundred and thirty seven people on death row says Ellen Christ's Berg law professor at Santa Clara university, the death penalty loss still exists in California with the governor has done is at the executive end. There will be no executions. There will be no death warns sign critics say the death penalty has killed innocent. People been applied randomly and says UC Berkeley school of law. Professor Elizabeth simul at the core of the move that he's making our profound and long standing concerns about the discriminatory nature of the death penalty in California. And by that, I mean racially discriminatory nature of the death penalty in California is now home to one fourth of the nation's death row inmates. Make gold speak KCBS. Meanwhile advocates for. Keeping the death penalty on the books are furious about the governor's move KCBS. Reporter math Bigler at San Quentin prison with that part of the story. We're talking about victims rights advocates in many prosecutors who are just stunned by news of the moratorium on capital punishment. We spoke with Kent Scheider, the legal director for the criminal Justice legal foundation. He tells KCBS prison is just not enough for some criminals. I think it's a travesty that Charles Manson is natural life imprisonment. You just wasn't socially punished for you. And there are people on death row like that. Now, Mark class agrees. One hundred percent. He's the father of Polly class who was kidnapped from her bedroom in Petaluma nineteen Ninety-three raped and murdered. Her killer stood trial was convicted and sentenced to death. These are individuals who have been sentenced to death by a jury of their peers because their actions were so evil, and he tells KPI five when governor Newsom told him personally about his intentions. A little part of him died. Stay with KCBS. We will be in Sacramento later today when the governor signs the death penalty moratorium, the governors of three other states, Oregon, Colorado and Pennsylvania have issued similar moratoriums on the

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