Paul Pierce says he had a better career than Dwyane Wade

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Of old athletes, David and their legacies. I wanna talk to you about Paul Pierce versus Dwayne Wade. And after the segment, I don't want anybody to say, we don't sound like a typical ringer podcast. Okay. Is this a check enough for you is it are you ready, man? All right. This started as an NBA countdown segment where the gang was going on one of those hot take but not really hut. Take things about Dwayne Wade for Zelen Iverson, besides Ahah, Thomas, etc. And then Paul Pierce was asked who was better him or Dwayne Wade and with an assist from Michelle Beedle? He went in listen to this Paul riddle me this who's the better NBA player. This is August laid off the bat. Can you give me check? If you give me LeBron. Yeah. We got that late. But like early. The holy of my career what? Well, let me ask you this. What would have been a perfect time for you, Paul. Let's make sure we get this all twenty four years old kmby set what I'm twenty four twenty you give me the prime in boss. I'll be sitting no five or six championships easing. So that you as a better be. I played ten years who you know who Antoine Walker. But here's the deal moment. That's all I knew you were going to the perfect sports debate. TV segment of all. I really do. Can I out line the ways for you? Yeah. Please. Please explain. Yes. Well, there's two fairly legitimate sides to the debate Paul Pierce is better than Dwayne Wade. Where the case he just outlined in his very old, man way. And then there was his co host Jalen rose making the reverse case and slightly humiliating reverse case for Dwayne Wade.

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