Political fight over Mueller report intensifies


Meanwhile, the escalating political battle over the report centers on reductions, which lawyerly editing process, Mr. bars redacting at least four categories of information before issuing it to congress and the public Devlin Barrett who covers the Justice department and the F B I at the Washington Post says the fight over blackout boxes is likely to lead to months of battles between congress and the Justice department. Devon, what's up here? The attorney general is is looking at a number of different types of material that we would be redacted and what I try to describe in the piece was just how some of those categories are fairly flexible, particularly the grand jury material category. And we really don't know how he's going to. Decide those reductions, but because this is such a politically charged issue. It's just an incredibly tense and people are already accusing him of acting in bad faith before they even see what he's done. He's working with Robert Muller on this. Correct. That's right. And he's working with Robert Muller, and he's working with deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein, who's been supervising this this investigation from the beginning. All right. So I mean, this thing could come out and be virtually three hundred eighty eight pages are so out of the four hundred that are completely blacked out in theory. Right. A lot of grand jury stuff. I'd imagine this with all those subpoenas that were issued well in theory, but there's a couple of things to remember one bar has publicly pledged to be as transparent as possible now transparency is often in the eye of the beholder. The other issue is grand jury material can be interpreted different ways. I think prosecutors genuinely interpret the category, very broadly. But I think when there's this much attention on such a high profile case, especially a case in which congress also has. Vested interest in knowing what happened in the course of the investigation. I think there's some pretty good arguments to define grandeur material material narrowly,

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