This is Oregon's Best Kept Secret


If you're looking for an amazing vacation or just a weekend getaway, you won't do better than this gorgeous Pacific northwest location. Klamath county is really one of those unique vacation spot is really as yet undiscovered here. In southern Oregon were nestled up in the cascade mountain range, we've got over three hundred days of sunshine here. It's a beautiful area of just trees and lakes and rivers, and we have a cute little town Klamath falls, Oregon, what you really should see when you're out here in Klamath county is crater lake national park. It's it's the deepest lake in North America and the clearest lake in the world. It's nine thousand nine hundred forty three feet deep one hundred and forty three feet of clarity. It's conic. It's one of those you have to see it to appreciate it. The photos. Don't do it Justice. Now lava beds is the other icon thing to see national monument over seven hundred seven hundred and fifty caves. That were formed when lava came to the surface, and then retraced its staff itself effectively leaving caves, these some of these caves are miles long, and they're not all of even been discovered or lords. It's really a lot of fun.

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