Kanye West debuts new song at Coachella Sunday service


Kanye west in the neighborhood new. You know, he is in the news. That's because everyone is talking about Connie's Sunday service that went down at Coachella big. This was this was something they didn't do during weekend wide. Everyone was again talking about Louis was their new is a ninety getting over that. I know I thought it was. In the wake up. So it was a ninety minute performance. There were tons of people there including Justin Bieber little palm Jaden Smith's to chains. Kid cutty. Idris Elba Kim. And of course, the entire family as well came out performances from Tiana Taylor dollar sign chance the rapper DEA mex- getting up and also doing a bit of a little kind of his own sermon as well prayer, excuse me prayer, and then you know, the merchandise everyone. Let me tell you guys. It was the longest ever seen. I'm surprised me. When. Do one and done. My gosh. Twenty five. My opinion that was the most ridiculous Morton I've ever seen. It was lazy and so expensive. But you know, what? Dickey's equality? Switch recently started doing that. Because I bought a sweater for like seventy dollars at one of his tours for the life of Pablo. And it was like the cheapest shirt up. Recently birthday. The birthday. Yes ridiculous. That's crazy. Yeah. The lines were extremely dollars. But also the one thing that did as well. Was debuted a brand new song, titled

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