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It's activated, and we can all rest assured that LeBron will now suddenly become a more intense player. We can all. Rest again, frankly, I mean, I lost sleep. I had been unproductive at work because I didn't know it was activated. And now it's accurate. It's now that we know it's activated. Houston was in town plant whose Lakers last night and LA trying to get back to five hundred a win would do that. And I wonder if they could get this win. Would he flip the switch now be deactivated? Because it's a big deal that he's under five hundred this. Okay. I'm I'm done being a spy. I'm sorry. Four or five in the morning. I'm little testy. It's all I'll get past this. Let's get into the game LA Houston in town. Lebron James big time shots in the fourth quarter James in half court works as the three point line with mine against Capello with three drives to the free throw line into the lane shot. Shop right there, man. Hang in the air forever. Twenty nine points for James four point Laker lead. That's what he ended up with twenty nine points, eleven rebounds as called by marquesses, you're at ESPN radio. Lakers. Get the win over the rockets won eleven one. Oh six and they did it after trailing by nineteen midway through the third. It's LA's largest comeback. Win of the season. They went on a seventeen four run at one stretch of the fourth quarter to get the win. Brandon Ingram, by the way, not to be twenty seven points thirteen boards for him. Yes. James harden, got thirty finished with exactly thirty. So the NBA record streak of thirty two the record streak, but only only wills done longer thirty two straight games now at least thirty points, but he struggled from downtown. Just two for ten. So the Lakers get to win they're back to five hundred but it was drama in this game. And it and it came. In the form of what clearly is continuing hostility between some of the rockets, including Chris Paul and James harden and referee Scott foster in this game. Chris Paul fouled out. James harden fell down Paul

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