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To play the rest of the season? Okay. No college football player has sat out a playoff game that has not happened yet. And I hope to goodness for the sake of what I happen to think is the greatest sport of the planet that that never happens. This would not be like sitting out a bowl game a national championship contender and favourite was I on the floor. So if Zion, and this is what? Ziona said he said it a couple of months ago, even if I didn't have to go to college I have gone to college because I wanna play at least he's in college basketball. He said I play basketball because I love the game. I loved Duke I love coach K, and I don't wanna let my players down. These are all things that he has said. So we're really going to kind of find out now, we're rubber meets road. Here. Does he stay with that? Does he not play? Like I want him to play because I love watching him as a college basketball player, but at the same time, I am not in position in either you or neither is anybody else to tell Zion. Williamson toot. Don't play if he loves it as much as he says he'll play again he'll play again. Although

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