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For six bucks this weekend. You can catch up with Oscar nominated films like stars born bohemian rhapsody and green book on TV the online streaming services. It's the pre-oscar addition of talking tech, I'm Jefferson Graham with USA, basically, every movie that you might wanna see that's nominated for best picture is online you'll have to pay, but it is online. But I you will have to dive into an odd variety of different video formats and device rules, and you better watch past. If you're not familiar with watching video on demand, you pay around six dollars in you, only get forty eight hours to start the movie and finish it. So if you're the type who likes to stretch out that viewing you are out of luck. Most of the movies are available on demand via YouTube Amazon prime video Buddhu fandango now and Google play. Now, the Oscar ceremony will air Sunday on ABC beginning at eight p m e. T five PM, and it's also available on the ABC app or cable alternative services, like YouTube, TV direct TV now and sling TV, let's look at what's available on the major services net. Flicks has four of the Oscar nominated films available to members without paying an additional fee. Roma. Black Panther, the ballot of BUSTER Scruggs and the incredible to Amazon video which is the chief streaming rival to Netflix has none of the twenty nineteen Academy Award contenders. Available for streaming to members of its one hundred and nineteen dollars a year. Prime service yet Cold War, which is up for best. Foreign film will be on the service beginning March twenty second. Amazon does however have many of the top nominated films for it fee. The going rate is six bucks for many the contenders. But some are even more expensive Amazon charges twenty dollars to watch animation nominee. Ralph breaks the internet, but has. First reformed, which is with Ethan Hawke, and it's up for best original screenplay, and you can see it for just ninety nine cents. Look out for really weird rules Baheen rhapsody, for instance, is available in HD on YouTube. However, if you'd like to see the story of the rock band, Queen and four K ultra high definition, you don't have a lot of choices you'll need to be watching on recent Sony or Samsung, four K TV's or you will need to spring for Google's under the radar seventy dollars chrome cast ultra streaming device and watch it that way the ultra connects to the TV and asks you to watch the smartphone app to cast the movie wirelessly to the TV voodoo the service on by WalMart offers films in HD HD X, which is slightly higher resolution and ultra high definition for K. But I'm voodoo a star is born is available in just HD X while bohemian rhapsody streams in HD HD X in USD offer six dollars. Fandango? Now the service from the company that sells online tickets does offer a star is born in four K as does apple. But only if you own the apple TV for K hundred eighty dollars setup box the model that cost thirty dollars more than the entry level, apple TV. If you watch the film on your iphone, ipad, ten eighty p HD finally on Amazon, which has tons of movies of able for video on demand stars burns not there. However, it does offer Oscar-nominated films at various prices are BG the documentary about supreme court Justice, Ruth, Bader Ginsburg is three dollars the wife with best actress nominee, Glenn Close is five bucks and best picture nominee the favourite fifteen dollars. Now, I don't mind paying to watch the films, especially when the fees are so much more reasonable than what's being charged at the theaters. But these uses rules are right for changing. How about one rule on all the services? Do you think that'd be kinda cool? Happy viewing good luck. Oscar winners, a special treat for talking tech fans. Check out my at Jefferson Graham YouTube channel I did a video this week about Wittig grape photos in classic Hollywood locations from LA La Land singing in the rain to the dark. Knight rises. I think you'll get a kick out of it these watch. And let me know what you think you can leave a comment on my YouTube channel, you could find me on Twitter where I'm at Jefferson Graham, don't forget to subscribe, the talking tech wherever you listen to online audio police favorite us on Stitcher, which helps more people find the show and his always. Thanks, everyone for listening.

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