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Bats, the film, overlap several figures and themes that Gibney is covered in previous documentaries such as the trials of Henry Kissinger Enron, the smartest guys in the room. And Steve Jobs. The man in the machine give knees producers on this film were Jesse Dida and Aaron etiquette Aaron his previously worked forgiveness company jigsaw productions on several other projects including his Frank Sinatra series last week, I hosted Alex Aaron fryer screening series pure nonfiction at IFC center afterwards, we had this talk in front of a lie. Live audience. I asked Alex how he got the idea to make a film about theranos originally. It was it was kind of brought to me by Richard player at HBO and Graydon Carter both of whom. Had originally been very big fans of Elizabeth and Richard. I think at one time thought of doing a follow doc, you know, the glories of Elizabeth homes, and then had read the Wall Street Journal story and seen the warm turn. And it was a different kind of story now. So he reached out to me, and I was interested in it. Because I thought it would be an intriguing tale about the psychology of fraud. Not only in terms of deception by Elizabeth homes. But how deception how she may have needed to have deceived yourself in order to deceive others and also how investors journalists and executives who were also deceived by her that process how it works. So that's what got me going at the beginning. Aaron you all this footage inside theranos. All this interview footage that you didn't conduct with Elizabeth home. Uh-huh. Talk about where you got that footage from not really. I mean at the beginning, we didn't have any of that access. And it was a it was a gift from a secret source that we cannot reveal that came to us about halfway through the edit. It changed everything for us. I mean, it was amazing. This was the kind of story that was unfolding in real time. So as the news was getting worse for Elizabeth homes and theranos people that we were trying to get access you becoming more and more comfortable with providing access to us. Both in terms of interviews. And then this gold mine of footage. It teaches you a lesson in terms of how if you keep pushing you keep reaching out to people you spread the word, you have conversations that may or may not bear fruit. But you keep, you know, establishing a kind of reservoir of trust among certain people and pushing forward and then over time sometimes good things happen at the very beginning of the process. We were completely flummoxed because. Theranos who still a going concern? And as you see from the film. There are a lot of people who were very scared of coming forward because of the potential AB sued by David boies, and that fear was prevalent. So nobody wanted to stick their heads up above the parapet to come forward. It was only the journalists at the beginning were talking that allowed us to go through t to take some interesting avenues that we may not have taken otherwise talking to Dan area Ellie digging into the Edison part of the story. But over time we were able to, you know, have this break for the other person who is hugely helpful to us over time was was John Kerry ruin he had developed a level of trust with with with people because he had been really the guy who dug out the story. So John Carew. The Wall Street Journal reporter has now published his book bad blood on this with the book with this film. Are there any theranos true believers still out there who? Push back on this narrative. Yes, he's

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