Why Howler Monkeys Are Changing Color


Is there something different about you? Is that a new off it no way? You got a haircut right close. I got my hair died yesterday done really swollen. It was always blonde dowry. It's this tiny bit lighter. Now new it couldn't have been anything dramatic like what's happening to Costa Rican black metal hutler monkeys getting their furred. I'd know, but it is changing colors. Researchers started noticing distinct yellow patches on these mostly Blackford monkeys. So the analyzed there for usually the hair contains type of melanin pigment that controls hair and skin cells called you Millan, which is black gray or Brown. But in a yellow for the scientists found a melanin type called feel melanin which contains offer and is red orange or yellow the monkeys already have some blonde Brown hair on their flanks, which might be why they're more susceptible to this color. Change Retz, causing the pigments change from one type to another thing. It's a result of the monkeys ingesting Sofer and Costa Rico farms are often sprayed with sulfur containing pesticides from small planes, and some of the pesticide lands on trees that the monkeys eat once the monkeys buys the sulfur mixes with the melanin structures in their hair and changes composition, creating a different color. It's a problem because a lighter coat makes them monkeys easier to spot for penetrators Jaguars. And the problem is growing scientists as even seen some monkeys with completely yellow coats. It puts a bad hair day until whole new perspective. This moment of science comes from Indiana University. Their thousands more moments of science on our website at a moment of science dot org. I'm Cassandra her dime. Dongo's?

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