Mike Pence, Vice President And Mike Pompeo discussed on Killer Innovations


-tary state, Mike Pompeo is accused of both Russia and China of using their economic projects in Latin America to spread disorder. John Crimmins reports speaking in Chile Mr. pump L said both China and Russia are showing up at your doorstep. But once they enter the house, we know they will use traps as they disregard the rules as they spread disorder in your home. The problem though is when trying to visit some places like Latin American operatives injects corrosive capita limiting economic bloodstream giving life to corruption. Eroding and good governance. He'll said, you should also know the US will stand behind you. I'm John Clemens. Vice President Mike Pence says his boss is not a fan of Wiki leaks. USA's Rick Vinton has more vice President Mike Pence slams. Julia. Assange

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