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Especially for women like I know we talked a lot about like being singled a wedding and Oni and looking beautiful. But that is most people's biggest fear is like coming into your wedding and being the single girl. They're so comfortable, maybe we'll come. And I think a lot of people won't bring a guest. I think a lot of people more than often than not yet. I'm probably going to bring somebody. But like it gives you the option I understand that there's budgets, and I get it. So if a wedding was local, and you have all these friends that are coming in live in your same city, and everybody's single. I don't think you have to invite all them with the plus one. Like, I think that's definitely happen to me before a wedding that alz going to take for me to get. There is an Uber. Like, I'm fine to go it alone. And that's just not a big deal. I mean when you're younger, and you just have a bunch of single friends and everybody lives in the same city as you. I don't think you have to give all those people plus wanted me, and it's still a nice gesture, but it's. Not this horrible thing to me. Like, that's that's no big deal. But I think brides, maybe they get in their head. They're like Ashley so slutty. Like, I don't want to bring some random, dude. I never did it and I was a slot. I never brought a random do. You know what I mean? I still had manners. I hopefully, some guys listen our podcast and a couple people slide into my dance and invite me on a first date to a wedding. Like, that's what I'm really hoping that you're sitting with if somebody like a first eight to the plaza hotel to a wedding something being ball or wedding would have the time of life. I'm such a fun wedding gift. I'd get guest get hair and makeup done. Yeah. What do you think about hair makeup, people guest, etiquette wise hair makeup

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