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There's this golden hour if you can get guys to definitive care within an hour. There's a, you know, strong chance that they'll survive. And so this these surgical teams that we have we position them near the dangerous mission that's going on. But not right on the dangerous mission. So we can get the guys to them. So the PJ's take the guys in hand them off to our surgical team. And they do wonders with them. Pretty amazing stuff. Extrordinary what they can do. It's truly extraordinary, and I've I've often thought there just to kind of untapped resource here on the homeland, you know, I wish there was kind of an opportunity for them to share some of their knowledge with our folks here on the homeland dealing with unchecked wounds and all that kind of stuff because their experiences just phenomenal. We actually put them on. We send them to places like New Orleans and big cities and stuff like that to ride along to get to to get some of that stuff in the city environment before they before they deploy over into a combat situation. Oh, interesting. Yeah. You have such a phenomenal training model. There's so much everyone in civilian world. And in the military. Learn from you guys on that subject. I know I did this yesterday. Like an eight hour phone call. So I apologize. I know we're running overtime big time with you. And so kind of you you've got such a extra busy day today. So thank you so much for carving time to hang out with us. No, pro pro view before we let you escape may. I ask you for a piece of advice or a quote that you found helpful that we could benefit from to. Yeah. Sure. So. There's a quote by Winston Churchill, and I talked to the young guys that are coming to the training about it all the time because I found myself in this situation on many occasions. I it's really a quote about readiness, and it, and it goes something along the lines of to to each person. There's a time in their lifetime. A special moment when they are. You know, tapped on the shoulder offered an opportunity to do something that is unique and fitted to their talents and just goes on to say what a tragedy that moment finds them not prepared or even worse not qualified at the time for what may have been their finest hour and that that rings true all of our special operators because I you know, I participated in some combat Johnson ghanistan early on and I got to do some pretty cool missions. And I used to say when guys would bring it up. I'd say, you know, I was in the right place at the right time. But I got corrected by chief

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