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Gotta tell you about a new podcast. They were all really excited about here at wondering it's called one plus one and in one plus one, well, they put you right in the middle of some of the greatest collaborations in history. Think of this is kind of the flip side in a sense. We're talking about people like Sergei Brin Larry page who created massive global companies like Google or think about beyond say and Jay z who live at the top of the pop culture's fear their team or even shack and Kobe one of the biggest sports duos of all time. We're talking about people who reached the very top of their fields. And in some cases, change the way we see the world, it's hosted by Rico Gagliano and faith Sailly. You may. Remember them from public radio? If you happen to have listened to that and Rico and faith chart the intense mysterious alchemy between these visionary minds all along the way, you're going to hear about the ups and the downs of these creative partnerships and something else to you get to learn exactly how they created. Something extraordinary. Just by coming together. You're about to hear a preview of one plus one about two seemingly ordinary dudes from Liverpool who come together and change pop music forever. I bet you know, who were talking about here while you're listening. Go subscribe to one plus one on apple podcasts or wherever you happen to be listening to us right now. You'll also find a link in the episode notes and don't forget to tell your friends about this. Marvelous new podcast one plus one. I mean, you never know maybe one of them will be the plus one to your own. Life's work. It's January nineteen sixty seven in London England, John Lennon is sitting at the piano and his home in the suburbs. Writing a new song? It's based on a newspaper account of a young socialite named Tara Brown killed in a car crash. John comes up with something he thinks will work. The John's having trouble finishing the song. So he heads on over to Paul's house just a few blocks from Abbey Road together. They finished John's verses and round out the tune by adding a fragment from one of Paul's then old number he'd never managed to us. As soon as John? Here's Paul sing that couple of he says. Yeah, that's it. This is how John Paul write music. Quickly intuitively, finishing each other's ideas. Sometimes they have trouble remembering who wrote what that's how closely they work together. But they're not done with this song yet, they wanna make it wilder more Avalon guard. Abbey Road studios, February tenth nineteen sixty seven and the Beatles. The most famous band in the world are throwing a party. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of their so as Marianne faithfull, and Graham Nash. Oh, and a forty piece orchestra dressed in tuxedos, clown, noses and rubber bald caps. The bizarre attire is meant to loosen the buttoned up classically trained musicians. So they'll deliver what Paul wants? We'd like you to do some free form improvisation. The orchestra is confused by the request. They wanna please them after all he's Paul McCartney. But classical musicians don't really do free form improvisation. Producer George Martin steps in. Okay. We don't want complete free form we want each individual musician to climb from lowest no to highest at his own pace the orchestra nods. They try over and over to do what they're asked John dressed in a crushed velvet jacket and sipping wine from teacup watches from the sidelines. He wrote most of the sun, but he's fine. Letting Paul cokes the orchestra into performing what John calls and orgasm of sound. Paul tries to make John's concept come alive, urging musicians to randomly play an ascending scale growing louder until they climax on the same chord on the eighth try. They finally mail it. Everyone knows they've just witnessed something special.

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