XL Men Demand Fashion: Are You Shaquille ONeals Big, Sexy Model?


This episode of business wars daily is brought to you by zero to show a brand new podcast from octa. Every successful entrepreneur follows a different path. Learn how to forge your own by listening two zero two zero wherever you get your podcasts. From wondering, I'm David Brown. And this is business daily on this Wednesday, April twenty fourth one reporter Daphne Howland of the industry site, retail dive wrote about the explosion and women's plus size fashion. Something happened that surprised her larger men reached out to or saying they want the same kind of mainstream and high end fashion that plus size women are now finally enjoying about a third of American men are so called big and tall, but such larger sized clothing. Only accounts for ten percent of all menswear sales Forbes reports, but now there is a bit of increased attention to creating good-looking fashion for men who are taller and heavier than the average guy retail dives Jalan reports on a handful of specialty in mainstream companies paying attention, including the clothing box company, stitch fix and men's online retailer Benito's both recently. Attended their men's sizes to be more inclusive stitch fix told retail dive that when it announced an XL offering for men twenty five thousand customers signed up on a waiting list, and blogger called the Kirby fashion Easter lauded bonobos saying that this move is another validation that plus size men belong in mainstream fashion brands. Oh, and if you had noticed there's a walking billboard for fashionable big and tall men, and he's looking for you Shaquille O'Neal who stands seven foot one and weighs about three hundred twenty five pounds has a line of big and tall men's clothing, it JC Penney through Sunday shack is conducting a nationwide search for model his size. He's often called a giant. And there aren't many like him he acknowledges so pennies is working with a modeling agency will Amenas in what they call the biggest and tallest search around looking for shack says big and sexy guys. Like me, maybe the publicity will finally help this miniscule slice to the menswear market grow. A lot bigger. Rum. Wondering this business wars daily, if you find this story fund tweeted, would you word of mouth is how people find thanks so much for listening. I'm David Brown will see tomorrow. This episode of business was daily is brought to you by zero to PO a brand new podcast from octa zero IPO gets into the blood, sweat and tears of business growth. What it took for some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs to get to where they are today, and what they learned in the process. The first episode is a candid conversation with venture capitalist, Marc Andreessen. He's incredibly articulate and to the point with his advice to entrepreneurs right now about halfway through episode two which is all about what to do when you get your big idea. I can't get enough of zeroed IPO find it wherever you get your podcast.

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