Seven-round 2019 NFL Mock Draft: Raiders surprise at No. 4, Lock goes before Haskins, Bears start on O-line


Aradio mock draft special we are on pick number seventeen. Just a quick refresher. For those that are wondering how our top five maybe looked in our mock draft the cardinals going number one there with Hyler Murray. Nick Bosa goes to the Niners Jetsgo Quin Williams. The raiders selecting Oliver at four Josh Allen goes five at six. It was the giants their first pick of round number one going with twain Haskins. And so here they are on the clock at number seventeen in the pick is in. And this pick from the Cleveland Browns and Jake Aspen, you've been picking for the giants of can't get in touch there with Valentine's. So what are the giants day? I liked your picket six for Haskins. What are they doing at seventeen? After finally addressing the quarterback position with Wayne Haskins at number six hours. The giants will then take that pick that they got from Cleveland and flip it into a nother wide receiver to replace owed L Beckham junior. I have the giants taking decay Metcalf here. Okay. Obviously the name we are quite familiar with based on his incredible combine performance, and listen, this is a pick where you could also go defense from the giant perspective. There are some guys that are still out there on that defensive line that could make sense, but we have not had any skill position player go besides Hopkinson the tight end at number nine in our mock to the Buffalo Bills. So I think it's time we get another skill position player here. I think Metcalf is a need. He also very well might be the best player on the board at pick seventeen. And that's why I like the giants to take net calf here. Yeah. We've all seen the photos during his workouts. And you mentioned that the numbers at the combine. But just the photos that were circulating where do one of the most rip people you've ever seen in your life, perhaps certainly from an NFL draft prospect, there's positive negative people. You know, certainly the positive some people on the flip said, well, that's that's great. And all but what what are his hands? Like, what does this affect also his ability? But then we saw a run, but we saw at the combine and what he was able to do not just in the forty time. But even in some of the the cone drills and everything like that. So. I think that's a very likely pick. If in fact, he's there come Thursday night in Nashville, and I wonder, you know, as we see that. This was just our second skill position. I would be surprised not saying we're going to have five or six of them going to top seventeen. But I would be surprised. We don't have three go before. Or at least to go before we get to the giants on Thursday nights far skill positions wide receivers. But in most likely, we would see maybe one other wide receiver go. I mean, the next wide receiver on the board is probably a Hollywood Brown. Right. No question. And I agree with what you're saying. I think traits have a lot to do with that right quarterback start coming earlier than painted here. All of a sudden kind of moves up some of the scope position guys to be available for these teams. So I could absolutely see the scenario playing out where Metcalf in our Bach is going here at seventeen I wouldn't be surprised for team falls in love with him. And they move up to get him. Let's say in the top ten. Yeah. And if you're the giants, you might be willing to even wide receiver certainly need, you might be willing to trade back. In fact, if you feel like you can get a wide receiver. Let's say you like Hollywood Brown better. They said, okay. We'll we'll try back to twenty two. Maybe you're able to get Hollywood. Brown scenarios this Alex, the giants don't take Wayne Haskins at six and then they say, hey, maybe drew lock is our guy if he's still there and our Maki's not, but David Jones is still there in our Machi as a religious with duke's head coach who is Peyton Manning's quarterback coach David cut cliff. So not saying that they're gonna take Daniel Jones because we haven't taking Haskins Fultz if they decided to get cute. Maybe they like, you know, someone at six maybe they take an edge rusher that high pick seventeen also be in the market for quarterback. So that is the pick from New York. That means the Vikings at eighteen on the clock their first selection here and around one of our twenty nineteen mock draft in the pick for the Vikings is

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