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To high school basketball on W. I n t. All right start bringing in post game action on integrity radio. W? I N P one to one point five FM thirteen thirty AM and line. WGN radio dot com is a packed house here tonight at doc Daugherty gymnasium, you put answers the this one versus the upstream rival Bill St. Joseph and the Viking and we had a good one here through three quarters, really. And who the fun game here tonight? Even though the final score may not necessarily reflect it we had brothers faith in terms of this one here with coach bay plaza neck via the Viking and DJ quasi for the Panthers. And no love lost between coach is to be schools. Really is. Now, we're trying to get the crowd. They've me out at this point right now, we had a full house on the visitor side for VISA and for the home Ukwa Panthers side of the gymnasium as well too and strong performances here tonight who's going to be down to a couple of players for the MVP in the Pat O'Brien player of the game. But just wanted to say, you know, both that he's seen having a very strong season and the Vikings snapping that game winning streak that the Panthers were riding at this one here and Uku Panthers. Still with a strong record onto season at twelve and fix. The ASPCA and the Viking extending their record to thirteen up and down onto season. And the Viking. With three day championship and coach bay Pozniak tenure as coach. And I mentioned, you know, that could be another odd year where they end up coating home that day championship trophies. They didn't twenty thirteen fifteen seventeen and twenty nineteen year. But. Strong victory here tonight. And the Vikings as they come up with the wind and get victory number thirteen answers. Should be proud of themselves. What they've been doing this point of the season. And they were really looking at this one is an opportunity to maybe take down. Crosstown rival VISA and did not happen here tonight. A lot of excitement is going to be getting into third quarter. The Panthers got it into a one point game at one point where they were down to thirty one to thirty two B J. But then from there on the really strong shooting by the life of Jaden need, Jason prion, third quarter and ram Koppelman. Khalil mitchum coming strong for the Vikings. They ended up distancing themselves in this one to a fourteen point victory home Phoebe Ukwa Panthers. So we're gonna come back here in a minute and finish up the post game show name that Pat O'Brien player the game. You got Pete stark and had a fun night of high school hoops here on a Saturday night special on integrity radio w I t want to one point five FM thirteen thirty AM and online W P radio dot.

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