Israel Adesanya beats Anderson Silva by unanimous decision at UFC 234


The non title middleweight bout between Israel at a Sonya and Anderson Silva was the headliner with the undefeated New Zealander beating the all time great by unanimous decision. According to UFC stats he out struck sixty five to thirty four besting the Forty-three-year-old Silva kale Sonnen Gilbert, Melendez the UFC analysts re SPN with this ache. So many ways this delivered for me. Look the great fighters. I'm talking about Anderson Silva, the Gilbert grape fighters go and fight their fight regardless of who the opponent is Anderson Silva got a slow start for the first minute. You'll he always gets start. Once he started to feel it out. He realized that I can reach touch this guy to he started do that. He started to move with. I was completely entertained, and I thought it did deliver. There is a great fight. Both guys are very disciplined tactical and calculated. It did not go out of their their type of fighting style. No one got to overaggressive. You can't compromise your form just to put on a show because that's when you get hit fantastic. Boxing, by Anderson Silva, some great kick scored by Israel signed it. I would love to see two rounds. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see also announced the winner would be next in line to challenge for the one hundred eighty five

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