Kids and Tech: Tips for Parents in the Digital Age


But but Kraft is something that tries to help. Parents kind of walk a line between this you know, we try. Not to abandon you. We want you to know always here. But it's listen, you know, a lot of parents do that in it works. I mean, it appears to say you're punished of you're not having your cell phone, but we don't see those kids and those who the kid know those kids, you know, comply. He tried as best you can try to try if you can to change the social network that your child is with it's so hard to you know, once parents get into a cycle with children were the resentful and they're on. And maybe they have good reason to be resentful. Maybe they've had difficulties at home, but they can't break through to them. Try to enlist some other family member who may seem to have a better reputation that reputation I made a better relationship with them. Or is this all very very difficult. I wish I could give you a prescription. I feel like I'm rambling here bet. It's just not always good to get the Alaska. It's hard. It's really hard and one of the things that. God bless these mothers are so many now mothers who are lost their kids, and they are on call for these parents. They are cold for family members Beth Macy wrote a book called dope. Sick. Questions about the way, she sometimes described the disease process, but she captured brilliantly devastating this for families. And how it's mobilized so many parents there's a group called shatterproof that I don't think they're finished yet. But they are about to have a report card on the quality of these treatment programs because some of them are not as good as others. But I'm sure people could be in touch with them and and get advice. So there are there. You know, there are these possible options for getting advice, but it's very tough.

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