Deepening political crisis in the US state of Virginia


And now to the United States and in Virginia, the former capital of the confederacy from civil war days. The state's top three politicians are embroiled in scandals that threaten to end their careers that attendant governor has been accused of sexual assault and the state's governor and his attorney general have admitted to using black face as North America. Correspondent James Glen. Glenda reports the episode has shocked state that has long been haunted by its racist past. Outside the Genia governor's mentioned this week protesters demanded Ralph Northam resign. The photo from the Democrats nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook. Page had begun circulating. It contained a picture of a man in black face alongside another in a KKK hood and roads, it was on my page with my name Ralph northern above. I looked at it. My first impression actually that disk couldn't be me. But he apologized and said he was in the photo. Then the next day said he wasn't before admitting to wearing black face on a different occasion while dressing up as Michael Jackson. I had the shoes I had a glove, and I used us a little bit of shoe polish to put under my are all my cheeks, and the reason I used a very little bit is because I don't know if anybody's ever tried that, but you cannot get shoe polish off. But but it was a it was a dance contest. I had always liked Michael Jackson. I actually won the contest at that moment. It seemed like he's career was toast Democrats from around the country. Condemned him and endorsed his Lieutenant Justin v Fairfax that is until a college professor came out publicly to accuse Mr. Fairfax of forcing her to perform oral six and allegation. He denies the leadership crisis deepened further when the man third in line to the governor's mansion attorney general Mark herring also admitted to wearing Brown makeup and a week to look like a Rapa you will find I'm sure democratic and Republican members of state government who will be very concerned about what images existed them from the late seventies and early eighties because this was part of the coacher Gregory Smithers is a professor of history at Virginia Commonwealth university. He says the incident is exposed the level of racism that still exists in a state. That's proud of being home to many presidents and patriots. But also often overlooks it's passed as the former capital of the confederacy. And the center of the slave trade. I'm sure they are polling this this as we speak and engaging. The response in that I suspect sadly will probably guide their decision. Making remember nineteen seventy nine nineteen eighties early nineteen eighties. This was after the modern civil rights movement. So it's not as though people were not aware in the nineteen eighties that this wasn't offensive. They were debates about Virginius history of bubbled over in recent years, there were protests, so the confederate monuments that stand throughout the state and a right wing rally that turned deadly in Charlottesville. This political crisis is gaining widespread. National attention in pot because the Democrats probably need to hold the state to win the presidential election in twenty twenty Donald Trump has already predicted on Twitter. He can take it off them due to the saga. Many of those Democrats vying for the nomination to face him at the ballot box, a demanding the governor. Immediately resigned to stem the damage, but with his successes facing their own problems to Ralph no fan of peace to be digging in and I'm ready to do the hard work of regaining your trust. I have spent the past year as your governor fighting for Virginia that works better for all people. I'm committed to continuing that fight to the remainder of my term and living up to the expectations. You set for me when you elected me to serve. Thank you. North American correspondent James Glen Day with that report.

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