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Giants: Return of Landon Collins and Odell Beckham unclear



To other giants had bits Gilman show shot down. Not that. We didn't suspect us that. It was all kind of just February BS, but Gillam said we didn't give Odell Beckham junior a huge contract extension to turn around and trade them. So just let's why don't we put that on the no touch on this podcast any Anki? Odell trade speculation. That's good. And also Landon Collins I'll throw to when you guys heard somebody thought it was a little saucy. So Greg was you Alantic Collins again, there's been a lot of speculation about what they're gonna do with the former first round pick. There was speaking of shenanigans talk about them empty on his locker last week. What is his future with the giants? It's murky. Well, there were there were some spares that maybe they didn't value as much as as let's say, Chris, and I did when we ranked the free agents we talked about that on the last show. And then he had this common Gettleman today that when? They were talking about the tag. He said, let's talk about eliminating distractions. You tag a guy and he's mad, and that's all you guys are gonna write about for six month. That's what it's going to be. So I have to say to myself is that worth it? And that that was telling to me that he was when they asked about bringing Collins back. He was very ambivalent about it. And it made me think maybe he's just going to be a free agent made me think of Josh Norman, he's already been through this right to me. That's not that Landon Collins is in good. It's that I don't wanna go through the same thing. I went with went through Georgia combination to me. 'cause if you think he's the best safety in the league, you just would do. I would think you're right. Norman catis flat-footed Gettleman surprised everyone by tagging them that year and letting them go, and I guess maybe it's gonna be a little concern. If you're voiding the franchise tag, which gives you another year to negotiate and work on keeping this player around because of the annoyance factor of writers writing about it between now and September,

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Giants: Return of Landon Collins and Odell Beckham unclear

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