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Of what you guys are talking about that the Oscars whole thing is making up for past mistakes while making new mistakes. Sure there the Mongol awards does. Given Leonardo DiCaprio and award when he should have gotten one even though that you're maybe he shouldn't have. But then that same year that was the Oscar so white year. So then the next year, they, you know, every movie that isn't SRY people gets a bunch of awards cool. Moonlight deserved it. But they primate a mistake that I'm not aware of that year. What year was was at two years ago? Yes. Yes. It down seventeen. But. Yeah. Green book. I just I don't know again. I don't think it deserved to win best picture. But like it's become like just straight up hated, you know, on the internet like lit not by everybody, of course. But you know, what I mean like, generally speaking, the internet heights it and like, I just I don't think that's fire. Well to that move. I think we're at a point in internet culture, though, where we know that what happens is people hate that it one, and then that cools off you know, what I mean? I mean, dude, I can't believe I'm bringing this back up. But I think that's like the seasons are thing to me where it's like there's this big like what the fuck you built your whole career on x and on feminism. And now, you're doing this gross stuff. And then they're like then like a year later. Everyone's like, yeah, he's a dick. But he's clearly on a ripest. Okay. Like, I think that that's where the internet will end up on green book. Yeah. Yeah. I'm sure except I do think I don't know if you're aware of this. But like one thing that gets brought up a lot when talking I've seen it a million times since green book one they're like this. Green book was this year's crash 'cause in two thousand five or some this movie crash. One day was. Veggie not a good movie. But it was good. It was super pandering. Just right racism as evil type shit. And of course, it is. But like it wasn't a good movie. It was just shoving it in your face. And it won like just like just that movie. Oh shit were. But I think that. It has lasted as a the example as the example because it's because it's so bad, right? And yeah, green books out of movie. Yeah. With

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