Tesla's Elon Musk may be in contempt over tweet


Well, some more drama at tesla today with the SEC facing a new round of fines on or punishments for allegedly. No, this is actually from the SEC on tesla, which is facing the fines or punishments for allegedly violating Elon Musk's agreement about what he does on social media shares. However didn't fall much on the news less than half a percent. Here are the views of David Westin. An analyst at MorningStar if you're cracked down too hard on them. He might just say I'm out of here. And you don't want that. It's a very tricky balancing act, and you've got a lot of friends family and very strong cheerleaders now on the board and people like Larry Ellison. They're not going to tell the on what to do they believe any long long-term, even so not so good to have your CEO facing, a contempt action from the

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