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Officials trying to contain a measles outbreak in a county north of New York City of ordered all unvaccinated people exposed to the disease barred from public gathering places, including houses of worship for up to three weeks. Now that order was issued in Rockland county, New York, they're having a problem there in Rockland county in a problem in Brooklyn as well. You cannot leave undependable of two thousand two thousand dollars per day provide. Now, you choose to leave and go out you risk that number one. Number two. There's something called liability. If you're under direct a directive of the health commission and not to go out, and you infect someone with your part of a situation that people get infected you have liability issues. Most of the cases that were reporting right now are from New York City and New York state. What's unfortunate is that this is a disease that's preventable with the safe and effective vaccine. I really urge parents to protect their children using the measles vaccine of the city. Tippy unusual step Monday of closing the preschool portion of a private Jewish school because the school failed the turnover vaccination and attendance records kill

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