Is the Global Authenticity Movement sweeping the nation?


In today's business. World authenticity is a cornerstone of good leadership. Hollis? I am the CEO and president of authenticity movement. It's my blah blah effort to make a difference in the world to help people. Be more connected with who they really are. You know, people get so inundated with work and family live. And we forget about ourselves. And we ended up doing things that without even thinking sometimes what we're doing. And why I have people slow down just enough to get into whom they are. Here's the latter research out there now about leadership and typically offense. There's a great need to transform companies to be more in alignment with Lenny are and that really requires authenticity often leadership. They talk about the number one. Is we cry is stop awareness. But they don't tell you how to get. That's where I come. I teach you how to be software intensity authentic leadership. South awareness is a secret sauce two billion engagement because you. No more who you are. And you also understand your employees more therefore, you can build the whole company the work that you do how you leave the teams around different gifts and talents to support yourself. And it just creates an entire engagement a different culture within the organization that leads to better bottom line.

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