ECB pushes out rate hike and offers new loans to banks


The debate absent a new series of targeted. Long-term loans will be called tau truck three. Let's the why. Did. Whatever. Simple the banks as they are everywhere. But particularly in European credit pro-cyclical when you get a slow down they pull back on lending cap the lending picks. They haven't cleared their problems the warriors in Europe. When you get a mild, slowdown, all whatever you think. This slowdown is in Europe to the banks will ultimately pulled back, and it will pull back even more. So because these rounds of cheap funding to mature the previous rounds, and therefore the wants to get ahead of that. I would consider this a preemptive measure stimulative mesh, which is ultimately the problem the right guidance. Maybe you consider that to be stimulative. They have moved the right guidance out saying they won't hike rates essentially at any point through two thousand nineteen saying they will keep rates on hold at least three twenty nine thousand nine previously. The right guidance was through the summer of two thousand hundred I would also say that's marginal. I'd say this is largely reflected in your dollar right now down a couple of ten to one twelfth eighty six. I understand. There's a volatility here. You can optimistically say euro is range-bound backdrop Tober, but the fact. The two thousand nine hundred vector for Europe ain't so hot. So twenty nine minutes time we to get the forecast from the president will deliver them for growth forecasts. But we're going to get a justification. It's going to be to see how much those forecasts were downgraded by and how much optimism the president has

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