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We were supposed to tape this podcast on Tuesday at the very moment. We started Austin Matthew signs, we had a board for a day Clode, you know, this business really well that contract what is that going to do to the business of the National Hockey League? Look, we never know the wise in how the deal gets done unless you're on the inside. So we, unfortunately, don't represent us them. And we don't know what drove both parties to come to agreement on a five year deal. But it's changing it's changing everything it's opening up the door for players now to wanna find those shorter term deals at a number that you would think unless you're signing for max year length turn deal. You're you're not getting that number. So it's an interesting time. I think that it was probably a lot of giving fake. Who knows? I I would hate to speculate on why they didn't lock him up for longer and what got in the way of that. But I also believe that would a player like Austin. And I know that kid really. Well, because I coached in and I knew him when he was a young boy playing their own ah. He's loyal kind of kid. I think has the, you know, five years goes by real quickly. He's gonna most likely want to remain and be a lease for the rest of this career. If it makes sense knowing what I know of that person. So yeah, they got done. I think it's it's great for

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