NBA executive says LeBron James ‘killed’ Lakers’ chemistry with Anthony Davis drama


Let's see there's a whole myth debunk about these Lakers, and how LeBron James has ruined them. So to speak. But also about why this team. Is right now, I think it's three games back of that number eight spot in the west. So remember LeBron recently activated his playoff mode. We talked about it last week. And he had to do that early because they didn't get any Anthony Davis. And they've not only got three games between them. And the number eight spot in the west, but they also have two other teams ahead of them in the Sacramento Kings and the Minnesota Timberwolves right now, the Spurs. Oh my gosh. The Spurs who just went one in seven on their rodeo road trip that usually at time when Gregg Popovich. Sees his guys come together they bind it's their longest road trip of the year. It's really taxing. But in years past when they've had the leadership. The guys who've been around coach Popovich for long periods of time for for many years. And you know, what I'm talking about going back to? Tim Duncan and mono and Tony Parker. And it's it's an it's a changing of the guard within Antonio this season. But this road trip was a disaster. They lost about the Knicks and the nets on the last two nights, which is crazy to give a hundred and thirty points to the New York Knicks on Sunday and on Monday, only managed eighty-five points in Brooklyn, and that was capping their rodeo road trip. So anyway there right now faded into the number eight spot in the Western Conference, but they're still three games up on the Lakers and the Timberwolves and then the kings are sandwiched in between and the Lakers are below five hundred. So it's going through this story written by Eric Pinkus? You get all the way through the tale about why they're struggling and where LeBron James is pointing fingers, and maybe this is a case. Similar to Ben Rothlisberger in Pittsburgh where he's okay calling out his teammates. Because even though it's his first year in LA all the experience that he has the eighth consecutive NBA finals the night overall the three rings, you get it. And so maybe he feels like it's his responsibility to teach them how to win and how to approach this stretch run. And to keep the focus on the details. The day to day grinding it out. But at the very bottom of this column by Eric Pinkus. He quotes an NBA executive. You have to get all the way through, but it was worth reading to get to this point. And he talks about that whole disaster of a week when the Lakers were pursuing Anthony Davis willing to offer five of their own roster guys as well as multiple draft picks. And how the NBA itself? Now, we talked about this the time, but how the NBA itself. Was put off by the connection between LeBron Davis by virtue of Davis's agent, and LeBron's business partner rich business partner, Rich Paul of clutch sports. And so the NBA didn't like it. The pelicans really didn't like it. And we're we're totally toying with the Lakers. But LeBron went all in. He was sure this deal was going to get done. And so Pinkus quotes one NBA executive who said to him he killed the Lakers chemistry. He shouldn't have been so public about it even during the all-star draft. He laughed about wanting Davis to be his team mate. He killed the Lakers chemistry, and we talked about it on the show before the all-star break and coming out. They looked a little better. They looked like they were a little more fluid. And of course, our Lakers insider, it said to us they had the time away. This is when I was in Pittsburgh on Thursday night. Brad turner. He's our Lakers insider with the L A times said to us. Well, they had some time away with their family and friends they came back with the perspective that. If the Lakers don't want us. Don't want me. There are twenty nine other teams who do. But I encourage you to read this column by Eric Pinkus. Because as I talked about before the break. I don't think it's snap your fingers and a locker room recovers from something. Like this not one year a bunch of young players outside of the LeBron for the most part. I mean, John Rondo is there as well. Javale McGee, but these are not players that were being dangled to the pelicans because they're not players the pelicans want. I mean Rondo was there last season. And so it's not fixable. Just by snapping your fingers. It doesn't work that way. Like, I talked about human beings when we think a break up is coming or an end is coming we brace for it. We start to prepare for it. It's impossible to go all in on a

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