Virginia first lady handed out cotton to African-American children on slave cottage tour


She see what Ralph Northerns wife did during. Tour of the governor's mansion the other day now, this is the better half of the controversial governor of Virginia. Well, yeah, northern was embroiled in this black face controversy may or may not have been him in that yearbook photo next to the KKK guy. And he was in black face. But I- he now he's saying it wasn't him. I came out and said, yeah that was me now. Well, no, no. It's not me. And it's a big it's a mess. They're in Virginia. So Northerns wife. How she handed raw cotton to black students during a tour of the governor's mansion and told them to imagine being a slave and having to pay now miss northern is the one that stopped governor Ralph from doing the moonwalk that press conference, right. This is the same lady. She robbed us of a real moment. A real cultural moment on that press conference sweetheart. That's inappropriate inappropriate right now. So this was after. Yeah. This is after the black face photo came out of her husband in the doing the moon rock because he said that he was actually dressed up as Michael Jackson or something like that for a dance contest. She she she was trying to she's saying she's trying to make sure the stories of the slaves who worked in the mansion. The kitchen before the civil war told properly, that's what she said. She was trying to do. Somebody complained that gave cotton to the black students, and she's like, no, I didn't single anybody out. I don't know if my husband's embroiled in a black face controversy. And really I haven't heard anything about nor them in a few weeks survival smollet, and Colin and North Korea have really take it over that. And I I haven't heard anything word one about that. So if I'm northern wife, I'd probably just stay clear of anything that could be questioned racially. Yeah. I don't know if this is racists. I mean, she's trying to show the students that yes, there were slaves that worked at the governor's mansion at one point in time. Those slaves picked cotton. Thank God you kids. Don't have to do that today here touch. This raw cotton. See how awful that is. Can you imagine that it's a better time? Now, I kind of see her, you know, her message there, but you're right. It might. Might not be the best time to be dishing out cotton to black kids. If you're the northern family in

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