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Roman Polanski, Motion Picture Arts And Statutory Rape discussed on Dr. Drew Midday Live with Lauren Sivan


Roman Polanski took legal steps today to. Try to regain his membership in the academy of Motion Picture Arts and sciences Polanski filed court papers in LA superior court asking the judge to reinstate him to the academy the lawsuit still pending in the court system as of midday today. Polinsky now eighty five was admitted to the academy December nine hundred sixty eight with help of a letter signed by the lake Gregory, Peck, Polanski court papers state police he fled the United States in nineteen seventy eight after being charged with statutory rape of a thirteen year old his continued to work and won an Oscar in two thousand and three for directing the World War drama, the pianist Polanski and Bill Cosby who's imprisoned for drugging and raping a woman. We're both expelled from the academy in two thousand

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