Uber's self-driving unit valued at $7.25 billion in new investment


Hoover is nearing an investment deal for their self driving car unit. Yeah. Uber is trying to push. I think a whole bunch of deals through in the next really few weeks or month in order to probably just look a little bit more profitable for what we're talking about today, which is their IP. Oh, this deal would be selling off part of the self driving car unit that they've poured a lot of money into so just trying to raise more money and look a little bit more profitable as they head into Pio season. So that they don't go the way of lift, quite frankly. Yeah. Yeah. The that's that trait that PO will be in early may. And we have no idea what about pricing on that. No. But I mean in terms of market value. You would think that it's going to be somewhere in the five times more than lift range so Martin market cap on lift right now is about sixteen and a half billion dollars. Uber's been doing about five times as much revenue if you look at the last few years, so I would think that they will be no somewhere in that ninety two one hundred billion dollar

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